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Strength and Conditioning Group Classes at Shore Point Fitness

Join our dynamic Strength and Conditioning group classes at Shore Point Fitness and transform your fitness journey! Led by SPF trained trainers, our classes offer personalized guidance and a supportive community. Experience varied, high-intensity workouts designed to improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Coaching: Personalized guidance from our trainers.
  • Community Atmosphere: Supportive and motivating environment.
  • Dynamic Workouts: Constantly varied exercises for all fitness levels.
  • Flexible Schedule: Morning, afternoon, and evening classes available.

Group Class Descriptions:

SPF Circuit- This class will have you cycling through stations, targeting specific muscle groups, and strength training with cardio.

SPF Fit- This class focuses on olympic style lifting with the use of barbells. You will engage in gymnastics style movements on the rig (muscle ups, pull-ups, kipping). Various cardio and HIIT movements are included in these workouts. The Fit classes are similar to CrossFit style workouts.

SPF Flex- This class focuses on strength. You will see a repetition of movements and exercises over the course of a few weeks to promote muscle growth through progressive overloading.

SPF Go- This class focuses on the use of body weight and weighted equipment exercises. You will engage in a mix of cardio and weighted movements, getting a great burn in! The Go classes are similar to a bootcamp style workout.

SPF Go/Teen- This class is our Go class, however, teens are able to join this class Monday-Thursday at 4pm and Friday at 4:15pm.

SPF Kickboxing- This class is a cardio based punch/kick contact with a free-standing punching bag.

SPF Neff- This class is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! It’s a good mix of bodybuilding styled training and bootcamp style. Coach Neff always packs a punch to make sure you get in a good mix of strength and conditioning in these workouts!

SPF Stretching for Mobility- This is a deep stretching class to improve muscle and joint mobility.

SPF Yoga/Flow Yoga- Yoga classes focus on building strength and Flow focuses on flexibility.

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