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Teen and Student Athletics in Point Pleasant

Teen and Student Athletics

Teen vs. Student Membership


Teens are considered ages 12-18 years old, currently enrolled in middle/high school. They are eligible to attend the 4pm SPF Go/Teen classes Monday-Thursday and the 4:15pm SPF Go/Teen class on Friday. Teens in this group may not have and are not required to have additional athletic experience and are looking to learn functional movements, build strength, and have fun with health and fitness. If your teen/child is age 16-18 has athletic experience, (e.g. they are currently in a sport and looking to enhance or continue their strength and conditioning) they may be eligible for a student membership (please see below for further information on the Student Membership).


Students are considered to be ages 16-21, enrolled in high school or undergraduate institution. As a student, they can attend any and all of our offered classes, at a discounted rate. A person age 16-18 can qualify for a student membership if they have athletic experience. Please connect with a staff member to discuss your teen's athletic abilities and if they would qualify as a student where they would then have access to attend any of our offered class types/times.

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